A downloadable game for Windows

Bomberman meets Worms

Minesheeper is an arcade game that blends tactics with utter mayhem, in which you pit your wits against up to 7 other players wielding a deadly arsenal of sheep-seeking homing mines. Yes, homing mines. Each deathmatch takes place atop mighty craft including flying battleships and submarines, and features an impressive cast of Dieselpunk Sheep, plus Cyborg Wolves… in Sheeps' Clothing… From Outer Space… You heard.

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  • Innovative homing mine gameplay leads to surprising tactics
  • Each player wields a unique weapon, such as ice, electric and singularity mines
  • Dozens of powerups including stealth fields, giant sheep, air strikes, shrink rays and more
  • Throw an array of traps and portals into the mix and things get really crazy
  • Six level themes (four in this demo), including flying battleships, tanks and submarines
  • Beautifully crafted military dubstep soundtrack
  • Fully customisable game options such as round time, team battles and smart mines mode
  • Tons of awards to win, like freak of nature, mad scientist and lunatic

Install instructions

This is the Pre-alpha Demo of Minesheeper. Online and Teams Mode have been disabled. Simply download, unzip and run the MinesheeperDemo-Win64.exe file.


Minesheeper Pre-Alpha Demo for Windows 64-bit 358 MB